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I fly. I flow. I float.

wandering through

Alexander Josephine
Alxndr Josephine


Born Again Christian.

Corporate Slave.

MS Excel Master.

Your best friend.

Your greatest enemy.

Photoshop Apprentice.

Sony Vegas Padawan Learner.

Harry/Ginny, Pacey/Joey, Lizzie/Mr.Darcy shipper.

JK Rowling, Jane Austen, Paulo Ceolho, Umberto Eco, William Shakepeare, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien fangirl.

I have little time for people who ignore the use of their brains; moreover, I have no time for people who insult my intelligence. So, if you're stupid - or insist on acting like one - stay away from me. I bitchslap people like you for breakfast.

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